New Year, New Adventures

A new year to follow our dreams, right?

On new year´s eve, when the countdown to midnight began, my friends and I all stood together over-looking our village and enjoying the fireworks…Happy New Year by the way! I thought 2018 is going to be an amazing year full of adventures and I said the same thing to my friends.

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I know we are half way through January already and it is not even close to New Year´s anymore, but just now I feel like writing about the adventures to come this year. My January wasn´t that exciting yet and mainly consisted of planning and spending time with friends. However I have everything booked for my first trip in February now, but even before that I will be moving out! Yes, I am super excited and happy about it, but also a little scared … maybe. I finally found out what and where I want to study, which means in a few weeks I will be leaving my home country to study in Austria. Yes,yes,yes!!! I am just so happy about it!

My first real trip in 2018 will be to Paris then. I have never been to Paris before and it is one of my bucket list destinations, so I thought I am going to tick that one of this (new) year. After a couple of days in the city of love I will spend the weekend in London to party with The Script. I think it is needless to say how excited I am for their concert.
For the next concert highlight of 2018 I am going to meet up in Hamburg with my lovely Melbourne-Travelbuddy and since it is close to Easter we are both of from University and hopefully just hop on a plane the day after Harry´s concert to travel around the Green Island of Ireland or relax on a beach in southern Europe for a while.
For my summer break I am planning a longer trip to France to go Surfing and enjoy the sunshine. Ok honestly I didn´t plan or book anything for it yet, but in mind that is how I am going to spend my summer. We will see how it goes!(..and what other fun trips will come up;))

What are your travel plans for this year? I would love to know in the comments below.

Back to sunny Sydney

I recently started to write about my trip to Australia with a post about my time in (rainy) Melbourne. Well, today it´s back to sunny Sydney. To be fair I spent way more time in Sydney then Melbourne and I am pretty sure we had some rain in Sydney too.

My first stop in Australia was Sydney and it blew my mind. Sydney is honestly the most beautiful city I have been to so far (not including Queenstown, NZ). Combing the beach lifestyle with a vibrant city life makes a very good combination. For a few weeks I lived in the northern suburbs in a beautiful hilly area with lot´s of green. It took me about 20 minutes into the city center. The CBD had everything for shopaholics to Sushi lovers. You basically have one long street where you can find all the shops and then you turn left and end at Circular Quay with the world famous Opera House which looks even more stunning in real life. Circular Quay is also where the public ferries leave. Besides train and bus, ferries are a normal public transport in Sydney. (Just one more reason to love it;))
My favorite ferry ride was from Circular Quay to Manly passing the Opera House and enjoying the sunshine on my face. Manly is part of the northern beaches and it is also the beach where I had my first ever surfing lesson. It was one of those perfect days. We went surfing, chilled at the beach and later on went on a walk to more beaches before getting invited to a yummy dinner.

Sydney´s beaches are all beautiful, but I prefer the northern beaches rather than the touristy Bondi or Coogee Beach. For those who don´t just want to chill at the beach, there are loads of different walks to do with loads of amazing views. Seriously loads of amazing views!!

As you may have thought already, most of my freetime was spent at different beaches or around the Opera House. One of my favorite “relaxed-things-to-do-in the evening” was to just get a coffee or frappe at the nearby Starbucks and sit down at Circular Quay with a good friend. From there you could see the Opera light up and the ferries passing by in front of you.
When I wanted to go out to party I often went to Darling Harbour. There are different bars and restaurants and a good nightclub as well. I believe during the summer months they also have fireworks over the water every week. If you are travelling alone or just to get to know more people, I highly recommend you to do a pub crawl. I had never heard about pub crawls before I came to Australia, but they can be a great start for a fun night out.

Another great place to hang out is The Rocks. It is a nice quarter not far from the center. I didn´t get to spend much time there during my stay unfortunately, but as Sydney has so much to offer which I couldn´t all visit yet, I will definitely go back anyways. Also if you are planning a longer stay in the city, you have many opportunities for great day trips to a National Park or more ...can you guess it, yes beaches!!

Have you been to Australia ? What was your favourite part? 
Hope you all have fun weekend.


A serious case of Wanderlust

Does anyone else get this feeling, the need to immediately buy a flight ticket? The need to hop on a plane straight away and set off to explore a new city? The feeling that you have been waiting long enough now to go on another trip (after you got back from your last one a week ago, cough cough) ? No, no one, is it just me and some of my crazy friends?
Don´t get me wrong I love to get cozy and watch Netflix in bed every once in a while, but sometimes I see these cool places in the movie or series I am watching and I get this feeling again.

I just love travelling and I thought for today´s post, so close to the end of the year, it would be nice to appreciate all the trips I have done this year. Often I get myself caught up in new adventures and deciding which countries I want to visit next that I forget to think enough about the great trips I´ve already done so far (or I just get sad they are over.)

Let´s appreciate our “old” adventures even more. I went on some really great trips and adventures in 2017 .

My trips 2017:
1. Innsbruck (Austria); 2. Obertauern (Austria); 3.Bali (Indonesia); 4.Vienna (Austria); 5.Cologne (Germany); 6.L├╝beck (Germany); 7.London (United Kingdom); 8.Brandnertal (Austria); 9.Aldeburgh (United Kingdom); 10.Brighton and Hove (United Kingdom) 

Most memorable trip: I have to say my weekend trip to London was the most memorable one this year. There are two, maybe three, reasons that made it so memorable. First of all, the friend I went with…we became good friends in Australia when we both stayed in Sydney for a while. I am very thankful to have met her there and for being my travelbuddy again and again ;) Second reason, the concert we went to. Now that story started in Australia as well. On my last night in Sydney said friend told me Shawn Mendes is in town. We both weren´t extremely big fans and didn´t have tickets to the concert of course, but when we got the chance to “meet” Shawn out on the streets, we quickly turned into fangirls for the next couple of days. Quiet some time later we decided, we had to go to a concert now and instead of just going to the one near our hometowns, we decided it was more fun to travel to one of the most exciting cities for it. (My friend and I are both in love with London.) In addition to that or maybe the third reason, I had never been to a proper concert in an arena before and I think London´s sold out O2 Arena set a pretty good venue for my first big concert. It was simply an amazing trip.

The trip I learned the most from: That is a bit harder to decide. It is either my trip to Bali or my latest trip to London. In Indonesia I learned how different cultures can be and how people can live without the luxury we have in Europe, but during my longer-stay in London as an Au-pair I learned a lot about myself or what is important to me. I learned that perfection doesn´t exist, it is okay to make mistakes and to feel down sometimes. Even more important I understand how much my friends and my family mean to me and that you should never take them for granted.

I already planned a trip to France for the beginning of 2018 and I am excited for what´s to come next year. Until then I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!