The Beach, Seagulls and a pier full of fun

I recently mad a day trip from London to…can you guess it? Brighton! Ok well it´s been a while now, but I didn’t have the chance to write about it yet. I loved it, it was like a perfect day out.

Brighton is a nice seaside town with a fun pier and loads of activities to do. After being “only “ in London for a few weeks, it felt good to get out of the big city and enjoy the beach. We made our way down on an early Sunday morning, so first thing we did in Brighton, get coffee and DumDum Donuts (they are deeelicious;)) With our donuts we went down to the beach. I love beaches, there is something very calming about them, don´t you think? The first time I came to Brighton I literally fell asleep at the beach, that´s how relaxing it is,hahaha. Unlike most beaches Brighton´s beach isn’t sandy which means you won´t have sand everywhere after a lay-down.

For lunch time you can find loads of cafes and little restaurants in the city. We went to a small burger place which was really affordable.  Besides the beach and the pier Brighton also has cute shops to look around in The Lanes or a shopping center with Primark....Basically everything you need without the hussel& bussel from London´s Oxford Street, plus of course the beach. ( Can you tell the beach is a big point for me?)

Before we headed back to London my friend and I took the time for a sunset walk on the beach and very important to take some pics..

Hope you all have a fab week!!


The best time of the year

No, I am not talking about Christmas or Thanksgiving or any other celebrations. I am talking about the most important vacay of the year, well for me and my friends at least. Can you guess it?
Yes, Skiing vacation!! I know a lot of people would rather relax in the sun with some Pina Coladas in their hands enjoying the beach instead of going out in the freezing cold snow. Don´t get me wrong I love beaches (a lot!!), but the mountains will always be my favorite place and I get the worst post-vacation-depression after skiing trips.

I´ve you never been skiing or snowboarding before listen up, maybe it´s something for you as well.. I normally go skiing in Austria. I have been to France, Germany and West Virginia, but in my opinion the Austrians do it the best. (I should probably mention that I am a bit Austria obsessed at this point, just love it.) Also my friend keeps telling me Italy is great for skiing too. When I was younger I lived near the Austrian boarder for a few years when I fell in love with the mountains and snow. There is something magical about going down the slopes with the majestic Alps in front of you and the snow under your skis.

Certainly skiing vacations are nothing for people who want to sleep till 10am and start the day with a long brunch until noon. You want to make the most of the day before the slopes are worn out. We always try to start the day quiet early which can be tough after a party night, but it is definitely  worth it. Trust me. Our day starts, of course, with a good breakfast as you need enough energy to go skiing. Being at the lift around 9/ 9:30 (depending on the night before) gives us lots of time to enjoy the winter wonderland before heading for lunch. Skiing can be quiet exhausting and for me a good lunch became an essential. My favorites are Kaiserschmarrn, Wiener Schnitzel and Käs-Spätzle. After an hour break we hit the slopes again. In most skiing resorts the lifts close between 4 and 5pm. Then it is up to you, some people like to just relax, get a massage or hoop into the pool, but if you like me, than that´s where the party bit starts. Apres Ski!! You can enjoy some drinks in a cozy Alm near a fireplace or like most people drink a few beers and get dancing on the tables enjoying life to the fullest, hahaha! It is the most fun when you travel with a group of friends/ people. The past few years my friends and I always went with a group of different people and oh dear it was the most fun times ever. (Missing it so much writing this right now).  After Apres Ski we usually head back to the Hotel for dinner and get ready to keep partying afterwards. Repeating that 7 days and nights in a row leaves you pretty done at the end of your trip, but more important thankful for an amazing time in the mountains with everything you could ask for.

Hope you are having an amazing week so far!! Otherwise start planning your next skiing trip.

Can I decide who I am?

Seems like a silly question at first, doesn´t it? After a long talk with a very good friend about life and dreams, this question creeped up on us and honestly I am not sure if I know the answer to it.
I told my friend I want to do what is right for me and what makes me happy and then we started thinking. Probably everyone wants to do what makes him or her happy, but how many people really do that? It is hard. I think in today´s world we often forget what´s the right thing to do for us rather than for someone else. People want to impress, people want to look good when everyone is watching, people are forced to live a fast-paced life… Sometimes it can feel like society wants you to be a certain type of person so you fit in the system. Other people form people and without knowing they partially decide who we are.

I am still not sure if that´s a positive or negative thing, maybe it is both. Our parents and the environment we grew up in provided us with different life expectations and life experiences. They shaped us. It is the same with our workplace, our colleagues, the city we live in. They all shape us and I think that is positive on one side because it helps us to develop. On the other side we should still be able to create and live our own dreams and passions without the fear of being judged. People who honestly don´t ever care what other people think about their behavior, their outfit or whatever it may be, impress me. They decide who they are and don´t follow any given trends.

So can I decide who I am? Yes, but it´s tough to escape the safe mainstream pathways sometimes.

What do you think?